BC: Videos

Task 1

Select one of the videos about an area that you would like to have more detailed information about. Which one might give you answers to your “Great, but…” questions from reading task 1? You might, of course, also end up asking more “Great, but…” questions, which you should add to the others.
Add any other relevant information to your your notes.


Task 2

In your chosen area (traffic, recreation, amenities, environment, etc), prepare a 5 or 10-minute presentation comparing urban problems and measures taken in Curitiba with your city. Here are some questions that might help you:

  • Are the developments and problems in both cities similar or different?
  • Are the economies of the cities comparable?
  • Are there cultural differences that might make transferring solutions difficult or impossible?
  • How could some of the projects be adapted to your city if not transferred as they are?

If you would like to quickly review the language used for contrasting ideas, visit this website (external website).

➤ Remember to look at your notes about giving effective presentations. If you missed the class, here is a written review and this is a video series on giving presentations (external websites).


Feel free to find and use any other resources online about this topic and include the information in your presentation. There are some suggestions for you in the left sidebar under “Useful Links”.


Critical evaluation of online sources

Here are some questions you might ask yourself when taking information from different sources on the Internet:

  • Which website do these videos come from?
  • Who had them made? What about the first video and the reading text?
  • Do you think, the information presented is neutral? Which one will be the most neutral? Why?
  • Do you think there are also critical voices about Curitiba’s projects? What might they criticize?
  • Where might you find more neutral or even critical information?

Task 3

Be prepared to discuss the pros and cons of Curitiba’s urban planning solutions and their suitability for your city with your classmates.

If you would like to quickly review the language agreeing and disagreeing, visit this page (external website).


➤ This page has a comment section. If it helps you, feel free to use it to start the discussion here.






Green Line

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